About Me

♥ Astra R. Titan ♥
♥ 20 | They/Them | Bisexual
♥ Artist ♥
♥ Local Demon ♥
♥ Hellenistic/Norse Pagan ♥
♥ Mental Health Advocate ♥
♥ Scorpio Sun | Capricorn Moon | Aries Rising ♥

✖ DNI if: ✖
✖ You are Transphobic ✖
✖ You are a Fujoshi ✖
✖ You are a Pedophile/Pedophile apologist. Yes, Fiction does effect reality.
Don't support He/Him & They/Them lesbians ✖
DO Support bi/pan lesbians. ✖
✖ Think that either Bi or Pan are transphobic, or that one erases the other. ✖



♥ ♥ Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse ♥ ♥
♥ Mary Poppins ♥
♥ Thor: Ragnarok ♥

TV shows
♥ ♥ ATLA/TLOK ♥ ♥
♥ Adventure Time ♥
♥ Gravity Falls ♥
♥ Over The Garden Wall ♥
♥ Steven Universe ♥
♥ B99 ♥
♥ Supernatural ♥

♥ 35MM: A Musical Exhibition ♥
♥ 36 Questions ♥
♥ Beetlejuice ♥
♥ Falsettos ♥
♥ Heathers ♥

♥ ♥ Fire Emblem: Three Houses ♥ ♥
♥ ♥ Persona 5 ♥ ♥
♥ Apex legends ♥
♥ Animal Crossing: New Horizons ♥
♥ Assassin's Creed: Odyssey ♥
♥ Astroneer ♥
♥ Oxenfree ♥
♥ Undertale ♥
♥ VA-11 HALL-A ♥


Contact Information

To contact me for any inquiries about commissions, collaboration opportunities, invitations to zines, etc. you can email me at [email protected].


Commission Info

✖ Will Not Draw ✖

✖ Furry ✖
✖ Mecha ✖
✖ NSFW ✖
✖ Intricate Armor ✖
✖ Hate/Offensive Art ✖
✖ Any fetish artwork ✖
✖ NSFW of Minors (Fiction and Nonfiction) ✖

✓ Will Draw ✓

✓ Gore ✓
✓ Fanart ✓
✓ OCs ✓
✓ Banners, Emotes ✓
✓ Anthro Features (tails, animal ears, etc.) ✓

Anything not featured in either list can be discussed. Some things disallowed are only due to ability level. Once I feel better about my skill level in certain areas, then they will be open for commissions. Thank you for understanding ♡


Terms of Service

By commissioning me you agree to these terms of service. Please read these terms in full before commissioning me.
• I reserve the right to refuse a commission.
• At least half of the total payment must be received before I begin work on your commission. If you choose to pay half before, the other half must be paid before I will give you the final version of your commission.
• Payment will be made through Paypal. I will send you an invoice for either the full amount or half amount, depending on what we decide for you (see above condition).
• I do not give refunds unless probable cause is given for one. Refunds are only up for discussion if your commission has not been finished yet. Simply being unhappy with your piece is not enough grounds for a refund.
• Graphic design commissions will most likely cost more than the $150 flat rate. Per these Terms of Service, I reserve the right to increase the price per commission based on criteria of content and usage of the commission.
• I do not currently have set prices for emotes and banners, but if you are interested we can speak either via Email or my Twitter DMs. Both of these are linked on the Commission Info page.
• Other than emotes, prices are non-negotiable.
• During the sketching phase you can request changes or fixes to the piece. Once a piece enters the lineart phase (if applicable) it is no longer available for changes.
• If you do not give me specific details on what you want in your piece (poses, clothing, etc.) I will assume artistic liberty. I send out sample sketches to choose from, usually 2 or 3 quick thumbnail sketches, if this is the case.
• If you are commissioning a piece of an OC, I request that I am provided with reference pictures. If there are no references of your character yet, please try and describe them to the best of your ability (hair type, hair color, height, clothing/fashion style, skin color, etc).
• If you have a specific pose in mind, I ask that you provide at least one reference of the pose. If you don't have references of the idea, feel free to just draw a stick figure! It can be really, really helpful to me.
• If a piece is meant to be used for commercial purposes (shirt designs, album covers, stickers, etc.) I must be made aware when approached.
• If a piece has a deadline, I must be made aware of the deadline when you contact me.
• Sometimes commissions take me a long amount of time to finish. If a commission does not have a deadline I reserve the right to take my time.
• If you want your commission to stay private, please let me know. Otherwise I may post it to social media, such as Twitter, Instagram, and/or Tumblr.
• I ask that you do not repost my art if I have already posted it on a specific social media. Instead, please share the post itself.
These Terms of Service are subject to modification.


I am a professional Graphic Designer and I have been an artist for more than half of a decade. My prices are low in reference to many in the field. If you cannot afford a commission that is 100% okay, but please do not attack me over it. I still have bills to pay and a need for groceries like anyone else.
Stained glass styled pieces, like the first in the half body examples, are harder to produce and therefore cost more. I currently am only taking these style of pieces for Half Body and Bust commissions. They only come as fully colored pieces, and as such are 50% more expensive.
For a Bust in this style, it would cost $97.50
For a Half Body, it would cost $127.50

Bust Shots

Only one character each
Sketch - $40
Lines Only - $45
Flat Color - $60
Full Color - $65
+ $5 to any tier for a simple background

Half Body Pieces

Sketch - $55
Lines Only - $60
Flat Color - $75
Full Color - $85
+ $5 to any tier for a simple background
+ $15 to any tier for each additional character added

Full Body Pieces

Sketch - $75
Lines Only - $85
Flat Color - $120
Full Color - $150
+ $10 to any tier for a simple background
+ $25 to any tier for each additional character added

Graphic Design

Graphic Design starts at a flat rate of $150
After learning the details of a Graphic Design commission I will deliver a proper, updated cost.


Example Pieces


Half Bodies

Full Bodies

Graphic Design